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9/08/2016 ArgChlTravels 2 Comments

I'd be real bias in this article. I love this resort! I made a reservation via e-mail. It was so easy to make a transaction as the agent I talked with is really accommodating. She replied within 24hrs and advised me how to make payments etc. We stayed here for 3 days (it was relatively short although I would have love to stay longer). Part of the service we availed was the transportation from and to Tagbilaran Airport. Kuya driver was there earlier and it was easy to spot him. He was friendly and nice and even gave us brief history of some tourists spots in Bohol. I might have known some of them because I've been to Bohol twice. Anyway, the ride to Bellevue was probably 30 mins or less. It was a little bit early and a weekday, yet the ride was smooth and no traffic. Upon arrival, they welcome you genuinely with smiles and necklaces. 

The receptionist was also very kind. Since we arrived earlier before the check-in time, we had our lunch in their restaurant. One serving of their food is actually good for 3, if I could recall it correctly. The price was not that bad. Generally, it is what expected from this kind of resort. Later on that day we went inside the room, and I love it. My hubby and I agreed that it was bigger than the other resort :) :) :). I am fan of good interiors and the room was beyond lovely for me. I like the arrangement. The room has everything you need, TV, a small fridge, and yes, they will give you free peanut kisses, banana, and I forgot the other one (lol)-- on your first day. The rest of the days, you have your bottled water for free. They have food and drinks in the fridge but you have to pay for those. Of course, you will love their FREE WI-FI which is everywhere. They will give you your username and password the moment you check-in.

Just a heads up, afternoon time is usually low tide so you can't enjoy swimming at the beachfront. They have swimming pool (just one big infinity pool!), which is divided for kids and adults. My husband played volleyball in the pool with a Chinese guest. It was just fun to watch. They also have other schedules in the resort for sports, etc. During our stay, the resort was not that crowded so were able to use the pool but I bet it's another story if there are a lot of guests. The pool area can accommodate only a few people. 

Kuya fisherman said these can be eaten with vinegar! Not so sure though. lol (tuyom)

My hubby and I enjoyed paddleboarding! I loved it!

The restaurant at night

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