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Osmeña Peak

9/06/2016 ArgChlTravels 1 Comments

Located at Mantalongon, Dalaguete is the most famous mountain in the island of Cebu. I've seen pictures of Osmeña Peak from my friend's facebook years ago. And yes, I am no fan of walking, as in walking far distances. While my husband and I are just waiting for some things (rel. to his job), we decided to travel places. Not been exercising lately, I challenged myself to try hiking. (Can't really say hiking because it was so easy to get there! ahaha) I messaged my good friend, Canz, and asked information about the travel. Assuring me that I can manage, hubby & I decided to go there the next day. Thank God for great weather!

South Bus terminal - bus to Dalaguete Junction (Bato) 105php/each/way- Habal habal 100php/each/way. The habal-habal driver will wait for you in this place. You can actually see the top from here :) This is where the center is located. You have to pay for 20php/each to Ate for registration. You can hire someone from them to be with you during the hike. It was our first time so yeah, we requested for one. But personally, you don't need a guide. There is no other way to the peak but an obvious trail which basically means you can do it by yourself. Sharing is loving though. We paid the guide 100php but I've read an article that you can give as low as 50php if you want. However, this is local tourism so let's help them! This center has separate toilets. They're selling mineral water and souvenir shirts in this center as well. Our guide said some tourists stayed here so they can catch the sunrise. While other had tents with them and they had it there at the top (Not exactly at the highest peak).

This is our view down from where we were. This is around 7am or 6:30 am. Kuya said the sunrise was the best that day, although I would have wanted it, I want to keep it safe.

Exhausting. We took a break!

Mantalongon (where the peak is, is the vegetable basket of Cebu. Kuya Joy (Guide) said some of these are sent to Carbon Market but if you buy from here, it's relatively cheaper) You can actually see a lot of these on the way up.

After 20mins or less...

This is the peak!! I wasn't listening well but I think Kuya Joy said Moalboal can be seen from here. I bet my hubby is thinking if he can just get up and stop taking pictures. HAHAHA

He was actually telling me to stop standing in that area because yes, it was not that safe! I hope you find this blog informative, and before I end this, lemme share with you my infamous shot :)

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